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Ultrasound-guided surgery in Barcelona

Ultrasound-guided surgery or ultra minimally invasive surgery is performed through the image of an ultrasound scanner, through 1mm incisions, without any stitches, being able to walk from the very moment after surgery.

Dr. Simone Moroni, pioneer and specialist in ultraminimally invasive surgery, ultrasound-guided interventionism and musculoskeletal ultrasound, is in charge of this innovative technique at our centre.

The foot pathologies that can be treated with this new technique are the following:

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery of Baxter’s Nerve Syndrome.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery of proximal and distal tarsal tunnel.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery for short twin syndrome.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery for Achilles tendinopathies and Haglund’s exostosis.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery for the release and/or decompression of various peripheral nerves of the foot.

✓ Ultrasound-guided surgery for Morton’s neuroma.

Yes, after ultrasound-guided surgery you can walk in special shoes from the time after surgery.

There are several types of bunion surgery possible. The professional foot surgeon must carry out an individualised study of each patient in order to determine the appropriate bunion surgery treatment for each person. There are two main techniques used to operate on bunions.

On the one hand, open foot surgery. With this type of bunion surgery, the deformity is corrected by making incisions in the foot and placing screws to fix the bones permanently in the correct position. Open foot surgery is an effective and precise method, but it is more invasive of the soft tissues and may lead to loss of mobility or skin difficulties.

Percutaneous foot surgery, on the other hand, is a method that, unlike open foot surgery, is minimally invasive. This bunion surgery technique consists of a 1-2 millimetre incision in the skin from which, by means of fluoroscopic control, we correct the deformity without the need for a fixation system, allowing immediate ambulation, without stitches, pain-free post-surgery period, and without the risks associated with open surgery.

No, in ultrasound-guided surgery a 1mm incision is made, so no stitches are used and it goes unnoticed.

It is used to release peripheral nerves such as Baxter’s Syndrome, or compression of the Tibial nerve. To lengthen the gastrosoleus system, to perform a hemifasciotomy in spur surgery, to solve the pathology of Morton’s neuroma, etc.

There is no pain after surgery, as it is an ultra minimally invasive type of surgery where constant ultrasound monitoring is carried out, so there is practically no aggression to the tissues and this means that the postoperative period is very mild.

In ultrasound-guided surgery, local anaesthesia is used without risk to the patient.

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