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Plantar fasciitis surgery

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Plantar fasciitis surgery in Barcelona

Plantar fasciitis is a very common pathology that consists of a repetitive and throbbing discomfort in the foot, specifically in the heel, specifically after resting for a while or in the morning when getting up. It is usually caused by microtrauma to the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis consists of inflammation and even rupture in the area of the plantar fascia.

There are various techniques to alleviate plantar fasciitis, but they do not guarantee that it will not reappear. Therefore, at Clínica Podología Avanzada BCN, we recommend ultrasound-guided surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis, which solves the problem definitively.

It is advisable to take lateral X-rays of the foot to observe the presence of calcifications in the area of the Calcaneal Spur, and ultrasound scans to assess the state of the plantar fascia.

The surgical technique for plantar fasciitis consists of a minimally invasive and simple ultrasound-guided method. It consists of a surgical method of ultrasound-guided plantar hemifasciectomy, i.e., we will make an incision of less than two millimetres approximately and by means of ultrasound guidance we will be able to perform the hemifasciotomy.

It is essential that this type of surgery is carried out by a professional. Dr. Lluís Castillo, foot surgeon in Barcelona, has years of experience that make him a top professional, ensuring excellent results and impeccable quality during treatment.

At the end of the surgery, you can walk home the same day without the need for hospitalisation. After surgery, recovery is brief and quick, and you can gradually return to your routine activities. Within the first month, the patient will be able to return to sporting or impact activities.

The surgical technique for plantar fasciitis has many advantages. Some of them are:
The efficiency of the operation.
The speed of recovery after surgery.
Lower risk during the operation.
Minimally invasive surgery.
Minimisation of pain.
No need for hospitalisation, as it is an outpatient surgery.

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