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Ingrown toenail surgery

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Ingrown toenail surgery in Barcelona

Ingrown toenail or onychocryptosis is a pathology that consists of an irregular and excessive growth of the toenail, in such a way that it penetrates the skin at the edge of the nail, which can cause sores where the nail continues to grow, annoying pain and infections. It usually forms on the big toes.

If you have pain, it is advisable to see a professional podiatrist, as this pathology can form quite painful wounds, facilitating the appearance of infections. At Clínica Podología Avanzada BCN, we will help you to solve this problem in the most professional way, ensuring the best results.

First the podiatrist, a foot surgeon, will examine the condition of the nail and determine the most appropriate treatment for you.
Ingrown toenail surgery is the best treatment for ingrown toenails as it solves the problem permanently. Choosing the right surgical method for each patient’s needs is essential to ensure success. Dr. Lluís Castillo, foot surgeon in Barcelona, will examine, with the utmost professionalism, which is the best surgical method for you, in order to achieve excellent results.

There are various nail surgery techniques, but the most commonly used are the Phenolisation Technique and partial matricectomy.

The Phenolisation Technique is the most common surgical treatment for ingrown toenails when the onychocryptosis is mild or moderate. It consists of removing the root of the nail that is causing the discomfort and preventing it from re-forming using Phenol. During the surgery the patient will be given a local anaesthetic to avoid discomfort. This ingrown toenail surgery is characterised by a quick recovery and perfect results.

Partial Matricectomy is the most suitable type of surgery when the lesion is permanent, thus solving the problem definitively. This type of surgery consists of narrowing the nail in such a way as to prevent it from becoming ingrown again.

The main advantage of nail surgery techniques over conservative techniques is that, through surgical methods, the problem can be solved definitively without the risk of the onychocryptosis re-forming. All this, moreover, is achieved in a minimum of time and reducing discomfort to a minimum.

Although it depends on each person, usually after a few days the discomfort caused by the operation dissipates, so the postoperative period is minimal. Approximately one week after the operation, you are able to walk and walk normally. It is advisable to avoid active or impact sports or swimming for the first month.

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