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Personalised customised insoles in Barcelona

At Clínica Podología avanzada BCN we offer custom-made insoles designed and manufactured completely personalised for you, adapting to your footprint. The custom-made insoles will help to minimise the discomfort you have.

Not everyone needs to wear orthopaedic insoles, so it is advisable to have a study of your footprint to determine whether you need to use them or not.

It is advisable for people who suffer from pain, exhaustion or irregular wear of footwear to make use of custom-made insoles, as they help to mitigate these kinds of problems. These insoles help to treat problems such as bunions or plantar fasciitis among others.

Each person, according to their circumstances and characteristics, will need different insoles, depending on whether the person is a child, an adult or an athlete.

There are different types of orthopaedic insoles depending on how they are manufactured.
Prefabricated insoles are designed and made in a standard way by machines in series. For this reason, as they are not personalised, they do not ensure that the problem you have is going to be corrected correctly.

The insoles by elements, in which, through a study of the foot, the pieces that best fit you are chosen, depending on the pathology you present.

Lastly, insoles based on 3D scans, for which a study of the footprint and shape of the foot is carried out. From the data extracted from the studies, a 3D scan is made with the foot in the correct position, from which the insoles will be made totally personalised for you.

It is advisable to make new insoles every year and stop using insoles that are more than two years old, as they lose their function with use. We recommend using the newer insoles for activities that require greater effort and the older ones for more relaxed activities.
We will carry out periodic check-ups, so that the podiatrist can check and make sure that the custom-made insoles are being effective and are fulfilling their purpose.

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