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Laser Foot Treatment in Barcelona

Laser Foot Treatment is a revolutionary technique that has a multitude of applications, from treating nail fungus or other similar problems to minor surgery. The laser uses near infrared light or 1064 nm wavelength to treat this series of pathologies. At Clínica Podología Avanzada BCN, we have the best quality equipment to be able to solve the problem you present in an excellent way.

The Laser Foot Treatment has been a revolution due to its maximum effectiveness. It is also worth highlighting the characteristic speed of this treatment, whose sessions last approximately 15 minutes. It is a minimally invasive technique compared to other treatments, as it involves a reduction of intoxication by pills and ointments.

The economic factor is also an advantage over other treatments, as it has lower prices.

There are several types of bunion surgery possible. The professional foot surgeon must perform an individualised study of each patient in order to determine the appropriate bunion surgery treatment for each person. There are two main techniques used to operate on bunions.

On the one hand, open foot surgery. With this type of bunion surgery, the deformity is corrected by making incisions in the foot and placing screws to fix the bones permanently in the correct position. Open foot surgery is an effective and precise method, but it is more invasive of the soft tissues and may lead to loss of mobility or skin difficulties.

Percutaneous foot surgery, on the other hand, is a method that, unlike open foot surgery, is minimally invasive. This bunion surgery technique consists of a 1-2 millimetre incision in the skin from which, by means of fluoroscopic control, we correct the deformity without the need for a fixation system, allowing immediate ambulation, without stitches, pain-free post-surgery period, and without the risks associated with open surgery.

This technique works by heating the nail bed to approximately 45 ºC, maintaining this temperature for at least 40 seconds. As a result, you will feel a sensation of heat. Despite this, the discomfort is minimal and anaesthesia is not necessary.

Each session lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes to treat all the toenails. Up to 6 sessions may be necessary, depending on the state of the pathology you present, at an interval of time every 15 days.

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