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Morton's neuroma

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Morton's Neuroma in Barcelona

Morton’s neuroma is a common lesion in which the plantar interdigital nerve thickens, forming a benign tumor. It usually occurs between the third and fourth toes. It is a really painful pathology, since the nerve pain persists 24 hours a day.

When a person presents this pathology, the most common solution is Morton’s neuroma surgery, since, in this way, the problem is solved definitively.

Minimally invasive surgery for Morton’s neuroma should be performed by a professional specialized in peripheral nerves. Dr. Lluís Castillo, foot surgeon in Barcelona, has years of experience behind him, ensuring excellent results.

Microsurgery or minimally invasive surgery of Morton’s neuroma, in which a decompression of the nerve is performed in an ultrasound-guided way, without stitches and without having to remove it, avoiding the complications associated with the section of a nerve, is a very effective and accurate method.

This type of surgery is essential to be performed by professional staff to obtain optimal results. Therefore, in Advanced Podiatry Clinic BCN, we have the best professionals, with years of experience, who will perform the treatment that best suits your situation, so that you will be completely satisfied.

The main advantage of this surgery is that, unlike conservative treatments, it is curative, so the result is definitive without the possibility of recurrence. Also noteworthy is the speed of recovery, is performed under local anesthesia, the risk of infection is minimal, the ability to resume sport after a few days.

As this is an outpatient surgery, you can return home the same day without major complications, since the anesthesia applied is local.
The recovery is characterized by its rapidity, since you will be able to walk from the first day and to recover the impact activities and the sport progressively during the following weeks.

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