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Study of the footprint in Barcelona

An inadequate gait can cause a bad development of the locomotor system and promote the appearance of injuries and ailments during your life. Therefore, a thorough study of the footprint is essential to avoid the formation of injuries in the future. In Clinica Podologia Avanzada BCN we will study and analyze the footprint, in order to detect if it is correct and choose the best personalized treatments to correct it if it is not.

The study of the footprint consists of an analysis of the foot in static position, dynamic position or in motion and the relationship with other structures, such as the knee, hip or spine.

A study of the footprint has several phases. To begin with, a professional podiatrist will obtain information about each patient’s characteristics, what type of footwear he or she uses on a daily basis or if he or she regularly plays sports. To continue, an observation of the foot in a static position is made and the possibility of a relationship between the shape of the footprint and pathologies in other parts of the body, such as the back, is evaluated. After this, the footprint is analyzed in a dynamic or walking state, which will allow us to determine the type of footprint you have, whether it is pronator, supinator or neutral.

It is advisable that a biomechanical study of the footprint is performed for young children from 4 years of age to prevent ailments or injuries, people who have pain in the locomotor system with an origin in the feet, people who wish to improve their sports performance or those who have a high wear due to long hours of walking or standing.

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