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Platelet-rich plasma in Barcelona

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a technique that consists of extracting platelets from the person, through the extraction of blood, and injecting them into the desired area, favouring the cellular regeneration of damaged tissues. At Clínica Podología Avanzada BCN we perform this technique with the utmost professionalism, ensuring excellent results.

It is a technique that is performed in the doctor’s office. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the patient and the patient’s blood is drawn. After this, the plasma is applied to the patient by means of multiple punctures in the damaged area. In this way, cellular regeneration is used to treat the different pathologies present in the foot.

It should be noted that not all PRP is identical. Different types of platelet-rich plasma can be developed. However, we only use plasma that is 100% extracted from the patient who is to receive the treatment.

There are several types of bunion surgery possible. The professional foot surgeon must perform an individualised study of each patient in order to determine the appropriate bunion surgery treatment for each person. There are two main techniques used to operate on bunions.

On the one hand, open foot surgery. With this type of bunion surgery, the deformity is corrected by making incisions in the foot and placing screws to fix the bones permanently in the correct position. Open foot surgery is an effective and precise method, but it is more invasive of the soft tissues and may lead to loss of mobility or skin difficulties.

Percutaneous foot surgery, on the other hand, is a method that, unlike open foot surgery, is minimally invasive. This bunion surgery technique consists of a 1-2 millimetre incision in the skin from which, by means of fluoroscopic control, we correct the deformity without the need for a fixation system, allowing immediate ambulation, without stitches, pain-free post-surgery period, and without the risks associated with open surgery.

Each session lasts between one hour. The procedure will vary depending on the individual patient and their circumstances. However, in general, 3 sessions are usually required, one every 4 weeks to obtain satisfactory results for you. With this technique you will be able to see the results from the first days, having its maximum effect in the course of the first month, however to be able to maintain these results it is advisable to have a maintenance session after the first year.

PRP has multiple applications, such as the treatment of plantar fasciitis, among others. Some of the main applications of platelet-rich plasma are ligament injuries, tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, ulcers, wounds or tissue repair after surgery.
Through platelet-rich plasma, an immediate reduction in pain and symptoms of these pathologies is achieved, slowing their progression.

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